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A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Dance
Choreography: Dudley Brooks
with Andrew Broaddus and Erica Hartono
Music: Anonymous, Paisible, Ponchielli, Tchaikovsky

Musicians have an advantage over dancers—they can have the music in front of them while they play.

Throughout the history of dance, so-called “brilliant” innovators have attempted to remedy this lacuna by inventing various forms of dance notation.  None of them have been completely successful—until now!

On the never-to-be-forgotten date of June something-or-another, Dudley Brooks revealed an invention that will completely transform the future of dance.

Mr. Brooks first showed the inadequacy of the exsting forms of dance notation by having two dancers attempt to sightread a Renaissance dance, a Baroque dance, a Romantic-era dance, and a 20th-century classic.  Needless to say, the creators of these dances would have been horrified by how badly their conceptions were represented.

Mr. Brooks then introduced his remarkable new form of notation, so simple and so obvious that even a volunteer from the audience who had never danced before was immediately able to partner an experienced ballerina in the heretofore challenging Grand Pas de Deux from Sleeping Beauty.  This impressive feat was made easier by the use of ingenious reading helmets designed by Mr. Brooks.

Despite a few tiny glitches—upside-down scores, missing pages, the fact that the reading helmets made the dancers blind to anything except their scores—the concert proved that Mr. Brooks has indeed left a huge mark on the world of dance!

Photos by Sally Cohn
A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Dance was created and first performed
at The Yard, a colony for performing artists, Chilmark, MA,
as part of the Company Residency

More examples of the total inadequacy of existing forms of dance notation