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Dudley Brooks and Rose Gray in 'A Wonderful Thing'Run For Your Life!'s a dance company! was founded by Rose Gray (a dear, a female dear), Dudley Brooks (a drop of golden sun), and Matthew Child (a name he calls himself). A tour of Europe necessitated a name for the company, so five pages of possible names were eventually winnowed down to a short list of preferred candidates. An informal survey of friends and strangers revealed that "Run For Your Life!" was the name which invariably provoked the response, "Why, I've heard of you before!" (Our remaining five pages of names are available for rent or lease by other dance companies, rock bands, etc.)

[Matthew Child and Dudley Brooks in 'Waterworks-in-Progress' -- photo by Steve Savage]Matthew left the company in 1994 to pursue his own work, and Dudley and Rose continued to develop and perform new repertoire and bring in guest artists to delight audiences at home and abroad.  In 1998 Rose started her own company, Rose Gray Productions.

RFYL! has captivated the public in festivals including the Gent Festival in Gent, Belgium, the Beleuvenissen Festival in Leuven, Belgium, the San Francisco Mozart Festival, and Cal Expo in Sacramento, California, and on series such as Theater Artaud's Summertime Dance Project and Men Dancing in San Francisco, the Bay Area Dance Series in Oakland, California, and Marin Ballet's Invitation to the Dance in San Rafael, California.

[Dudley Brooks and Rose Gray in 'A Wonderful Thing' -- photo by Steve Savage]They have amused theater-goers in venues including the Frölunda Kulturhus in Göteborg, Sweden, the Kruithuis in Groningen, the Netherlands, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Künst in Aachen, Germany, the Université de Paris ŕ Nanterres, the San Francisco School of the Arts, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.


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