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“And, in a class by itself, Run For Your Life!’s droll, Japanese-inspired solo for the shortest ballerina in the world did it all.  Invention reigned here. I wouild have given this company at least four minutes.”  [From a review of a concert in which each company was given two minues to perform.]

    Allan Ulrich

“Chuckles and guffaws punctuated the course of the Nocturne and the narrative.  Brooks’s sense of the ridiculous is world-class.

“The evening was also leavened by Dudley Brooks’s delightful Les Sillyphides.”

    Rachel Howard
    San Francisco Examiner

“Given the anguishing subject matter of so much recent choreography, it was refreshing to see pieces with a sense of the ridiculous and an ability to look at human nature with less than total angst.”

    Rita Felciano
    San Francisco Bay Guardian

The performance by Run For Your Life! was without a doubt one of the highlights of the series. The group performed to a packed house. Their particular innovative mixture of dance styles, humor, creative costumes, irony, and, above all, highly talented dance is a rarity. I can heartily recommend Run For Your Life! and would be very happy to welcome the group back to the Ludwig Forum on their next tour.”

“This group of fantastic dancers were absolutely ingenious. They are very skillful and creative first-class professional dancers. I recommend them to any stage that wants to present a good dance performance for anybody from seven to 100 years of age.”

Kak prevratit’ udovol'stvie raskreposhchennovo tyelav zanimatel’noe zrelishche, pokazal troe tantsovshchikov is Kalifornii: Dadli Bruks, Roz Greď i Met'yu Chaďld. Ikh gruppa nazďvaetsya “Toropis’ Zhit'!” *, i oni ne ustayut komikovat’, fantazirovat’ i samovďrazhat’sya. Po suzhestvu, ikh stsyenki bessyuzhetny. Prosto zhivet i neistoshchim na vďdumki kazhdďď muskul, kazhdaya chast' tyela kak vď razgovarivaet s drugoď i okruzhayushchim mirom, lyubaya forma, podskazannaya kostyumom -- obďchnďmi “tolshchinkami”, podlozhennďmi v samďe neozhidannďe myesta -- vlyechet za soboď beskonyechnďe prevrashcheniya sleduyushchikh form. I takaya neogranichennost' vozmozhnocteď rozhdayet iskryenyuyu redost’.”

    Nina Tihonova
    Literaturnaya Rossiya

      * A very subtle translation of Run For Your Life! It means Jog to Stay Healthy! or Don't Stop Running Until You Die! or Earn Your Living as a Delivery Boy!

“I wish to say how much the young audience at the School of the Arts enjoyed the entire program. Only a very small number of students present were dance majors, [but] the students laughed in all the right places and were very attentive throughout. My own dance students loved the program and expressed the desire to have the company return. If you have the opportunity to see this company or to have them perform at a school or theater, I would encourage you to do so.”

    Yvonne McClung
    School of the Arts, San Francisco, California

Audience at Theater Artaud

“.. a cross between Mummenschanz and Gene Kelly!”

    Janet Shaw
    Audience member, Cupertino, California

Mom -- they're really silly!”

    Hans Barnum Pink and Nils Bailey Pink
    Seven-year-old audience members, San Francisco

Audience at Theater Artaud

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