Run For Your Life ! . . .

. . . itís a dance company !











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Children, adults, and seniors, at home and abroad,
sophisticated dance audiences and first-time concert-goers,
and yes, even critics,
have convulsed with mirth while watching
Run For Your Life!'s a dance company!'s
side-splitting cartoon-like choreography.

Matthew Child, Marsha Wales Brown, and Dudley Brooks in 'The Soldier's Tale'One theatrical producer said that the performances of this company of expert dance  comedians from San Francisco "was without a doubt one of the highlights of the series. Their highly talented dance is a rarity." An audience member called them "a cross between  Mummenschanz and Gene Kelly." And children have been observed literally rolling in the aisles with glee while watching Run For Your Life!'s antics.

Dudley Brooks and Rose Gray in 'A Wonderful Thing'Run For Your Life!'s mission is to make people laugh. Their abstract comedy has no malice or agenda, and their satirical dances point up  universal human (or non-human) foibles. Their repertoire ranges from Odyssey in Plaid, a discovery of the Nerd within set to a 1950s stereo demonstration record, to A Wonderful Thing, a duet from Mozart's The Magic Flute, performed on crutches

Dudley Brooks and Matthew Child in 'Les Sillyphides'fsRFYL!'s fun and innovative master classes have left a trail of inspired comedy dance enthusiasts, and their school shows have  have exposed children (and their teachers) to the joys of the art form and to the discovery of the dancer and comedian they have within them.