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Music by Dudley Brooks

Dudley Brooks -- photo by Marty Sohl


All the music here is presented in two versions -- MIDI files and Scorch files.  Scorch is a plugin from Sibelius Software that lets you follow the score as you listen.  I highly recommend it!  If you don't already have the Scorch plugin, you can obtain it here.  (You'll also be prompted when you try to view any of my Scorch pages.)

Of course, the sound will only be as good as your sound card -- no MP3's yet -- I'm at your mercy!

All the music here is also available for sale at

Lithe Spirit

The accompaniment to a dance choreographed and performed by Kompiang Metri Davies.  While obviously paying homage to Balinese music, it contains no actual Indonesian melodies, rhythms, or compositional devices except for the pelog scale it uses -- it is a strictly Western piece.

Original Piano Version
Scorch version of Lithe Spirit for piano

Synthesizer Version (sounds the most like a real gamelan)
MIDI version of Lithe Spirit

Instrumental Quartet Version(Violin, Celesta, Piano, and Percussion)
Scorch version of Lith Spirit for instrumental quartet

An Edward Lear Nonsense Alphabet (excerpts)

All the Nonsense Alphabet songs are parodistic.

Since you won't be able to hear the texts on the MIDI versions, I've printed them below. (You'll have to guess which words go with which notes.)  On the Scorch version, you'll be able to follow along!

"H" was a Heron
MIDI version of 'H' was a Heron
Scorch version of 'H' was a Heron

The heroically Handelian Heron struts and preens,
then takes off in flight, in the style of a French Overture.

"H" was a Heron
Who stood in a stream,
And the length of his neck
And his legs was extreme.
"H" -- long-legged Heron.

"O" was an Oyster
MIDI version of 'O' was an Oyster
Scorch version of 'O' was an Oyster

In the style of a sea chanty.
The waves gently rock as the bubbles rise up from the Oyster
-- since of course a nonsense oyster would breathe air!

"O" was an Oyster
Who lived in a shell.
If you left him alone
He felt perfectly well.
"O" -- open-mouthed Oyster.

"T" was a Tortoise
MIDI version of 'T' was a Tortoise
Scorch version of 'T' was a Tortoise

A Baroque canon-by-augmentation.
The Tortoise wanders dissonantly over the rocky counterpoint,
then disappears into harmonic ambiguity.

"T" was a Tortoise,
All yellow and black.
He walked slowly away
And he never came back.
"T" -- Tortoise never came back.


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