NOTE:  This was for a workshop which took place in 2000.

Dudley Brooks teaches
The Dancer within the Clown
A Workhop combining Dance and Physical Comedy
as part of the DANCE Vision 2000 Festival







Where, When, and Who

New York, NY
April 21-23, 2000
Black Bear, Judy Blackstone, Dudley Brooks, Skip Costa, Dunya, Geordie Holmes, Steven Malkus, Regina Miranda, Anandha Ray, Shaker and Anja, Douglas Victor

San Francisco, CA
(the San Francisco festival has been postponed until Fall)
Kathleen Arnold, Dudley Brooks, Dunya, Bill Evans, Geordie Holmes, Steven Malkus, Anandha Ray, Shaker and Anja, Douglas Victor, Isabeau Vollhardt, others TBA

Martha's Vineyard and Falmouth, MA
June 9-11, 2000
Namita Bodaji, Karen Berggren, Black Bear, Skip Costa, Dunya, Geordie Holmes, Paula Josa-Jones, Steven Malkus, Shaker and Anja, Douglas Victor

More details to be announced
at the DANCE Vision 2000 Festival website

The Workshop

Discover the Clown within the Dancer and the Dancer within the Clown.  You'll explore the techniques, vocabulary, and routines of Physical Comedy which are particulary applicable to dance.  You'll discover how to improve the quality of your life and your audience's life through tripping, falling, slapping, and just generally being silly and (gracefully) ungraceful.  You'll experiment with both narrative and abstract humor, and humor set to music, to create works which are a fusion of a Clown "routine" and a choreographed dance.

The DANCE Vision 2000 Festival

The DANCE Vision 2000 Festival, initiated by Steven Malkus, and spearheaded by him with Geordie Holmes, Judith Blackstone, and Skip Costa, is dedicated to Dance as Spiritual Practice.

Workshops and their leaders are Kathleen Arnold: Newary Buddhist Tantric Dance; Karen Berggren and Tracy Vernon: Ecstatic Dance; Black Bear: Ceremony and HealingJudy Blackstone: DancePath; Namita Bodaji: Bharata NatyamDudley Brooks: Dancer within the ClownSkip Costa: Surrendering Technique; Dunya:Dance Meditation; Bill Evans: Achieving Cellular Vibrancy; Geordie Holmes: Dance Stories; Paula Josa-Jones:Sourcework: Steven Malkus: Visioning; Regina Miranda: Rumi Poetry in MovementAnandha Ray: Expressive Movement Processing; Shaker and Anja: Sacred Circles; Douglas Victor: Creative Dance;  and Isabeau Vollhardt: Qi Gong & Taiji Movement & Visualization.

Dudley Brooks

While a member of the Nikolais Dance Theater, DUDLEY BROOKS studied with Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis.  He also studied physical comedy with Bill Irwin and at the Pickle Family Circus School in San Francisco, Balinese music and dance with I Nyoman Wenten and I Wayan Suweca, music composition with Steve Reich, and Cunningham and Limon technique with many major teachers.  His ballet training was with Richard Gibson and Carlos Carvajal, and he performed with Dance Spectrum, the San Francisco Opera Ballet, and San Francisco's New Shoes, Old Souls.

Mr. Brooks has over 30 years of experience teaching ballet, modern dance, and physical comedy.  He has taught children and adult beginners, as well as advanced and professional classes.  He has taught modern dance, improvisation, and physical comedy at San Francisco Dance Spectrum, San Francisco School of Circus Arts, and in residencies with his own company, Run For Your Life!'s a dance company!  He has taught ballet for Peninsula Ballet Theater, Pacific Ballet, San Francisco Dance Spectrum, The Yard, and New York Academy of Ballet.

Further Information

For information about the festival
or to register early

Steven Malkus
50 Glenwood Ave
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 495-3311

DANCE Vision 2000

For information about
the Dancer within the Clown workshop

Dudley Brooks
62 Oakwood St #4
San Francisco, CA 94110-1521
(415) 863-6007

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Workshops are in the day.  Each day will begin and end with a brief ceremony and meditation period conducted by Black Bear, a Blackfoot Tribe elder, and/or other leaders in the festival.  All workshops are three hours and take place in ideal studios for dance (such as The Bridge in NYC) between 9am and 12pm or 2pm and 5pm.  Some will be repeated.

Evenings will be for informal jams free to festival participants and open to the public for a donation.  The third evening will combine workshop efforts, featured performances, and audience celebrations (reservations and $15 tickets).  Third night events will occur in larger spaces suitable for informal presentations such as The IM School for Healing space in NYC.

You can come on the dates of the ceremonies/celebrations/jams, or you can sign up for a single workshop ($50), OR you can sign up for the entire program (three mornings and afternoons) for a 30% DISCOUNT (including free tickets to the final performance) -- a $315+ value offered for $215 if you register by March 1!

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