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Persuasive Percussion Suite
(Odyssey in Plaid)

Choreography: Dudley Brooks
with Rose Gray and Matthew Child

[Dudley Brooks in 'The Breeze and I' -- photo by Andy Connan]


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[Dudley Brooks, Rose Gray, and Matthew Child in 'Persuasive Percussion Suite (Odyssey in Plaid)']

Hop, skip, shuffle, twitch,
Wiggle, wobble, run and fall,
Slide, spin, scratch an itch,
Drive your car into a wall

An International Odyssey of Nerds. A suite of short, silly, abstract dances. It uses archaic and cartoonish shapes and odd rhythms.  Inspired by the cartoon-like squareness of a 1950's stereo demonstration record, and by our painful voyage of discovery of the Nerd Within.

Individual sections are

  • The Breezes and Us
    • Three stormy catharses.
  • I Surrender, Dear
    • That old black magic's got me in its spell -- oh, sorry, that's a different song.
  • I'm in the Mood for Love
    • We're in the mood for dancing.
  • The Man I Love
    • It's a good thing there's somebody!
  • Misirlou
    • Is he a fakir, or just a faker?
  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy
    • ... and my kidneys came from the butcher shop. A familiar legend retold.
  • Orchids in the Moonlight
    • It takes three to tangle.