NOTE:  This was for a workshop which happened in 2000.

Dudley Brooks teaches a Workshop in
Improvisation and Composition
for Performers and Choreographers







San Francisco Dance Center
50 Oak St, Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

for questions about registration, please contact
(415) 863-3360     fax (415) 863-1180


When and How Much

Saturday, July 8, and Sunday, July 9, 2000
1:00 - 4:00 pm
$100 for two days

The Workshop

American choreographer and dance theorist ALWIN NIKOLAIS had the simplest and broadest definition of dance:  "The art whose medium is motion."  Stylistically neutral and performance-oriented, Nikolais's technique trains dancers to be constantly sensitive to the smallest details of interpretation and performance, and to recognize and project the great power of even the most abstract movement.  According to Nikolais, technique is the ability to do exactly what you intend to do and to make the audience see exactly what you intend them to see.

This Workshop, an introduction to  Nikolais's pedagogy, will be taught by San Francisco choreographer and dancer DUDLEY BROOKS, who studied with Nikolais and performed with the Nikolais Dance Theater.  It is designed for both performers and choreographers who are interested in learning more about their own artistry.

Class will begin with a simple warm-up and center combinations; the majority of the class will be spent on improvisation and composition.  Nikolais technique focuses on the most basic aspects of dance: time, space, motion, shape, space, parts of the body, momentum and energy, and use of props.  The center combination, the improvisation, and the composition exercises will explore some of these areas.

Dudley Brooks

While a member of the Nikolais Dance Theater, DUDLEY BROOKS studied with Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis.  He also studied physical comedy with Bill Irwin and at the Pickle Family Circus School in San Francisco, Balinese music and dance with I Nyoman Wenten and I Wayan Suweca, music composition with Steve Reich, and Cunningham and Limon technique with many major teachers.  His ballet training was with Richard Gibson and Carlos Carvajal, and he performed with Dance Spectrum, the San Francisco Opera Ballet, and San Francisco's New Shoes, Old Souls.

Mr. Brooks has over 30 years of experience teaching ballet, modern dance, and physical comedy.  He has taught children and adult beginners, as well as advanced and professional classes.  He has taught modern dance, improvisation, and physical comedy at San Francisco Dance Spectrum, San Francisco School of Circus Arts, and in residencies with his own company, Run For Your Life!'s a dance company!  He has taught ballet for Peninsula Ballet Theater, Pacific Ballet, San Francisco Dance Spectrum, The Yard, and New York Academy of Ballet.

Further Information

For questions about registration please contact

(415) 863-3360

San Francisco
Dance Center

For questions about the Workshop please contact Dudley Brooks

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