Guest Artists
Marianne Humainette
George “Stumpy” Spelvin
I Wayan Katek

Marianne Humainette in 'A Short Solo' from 'Les Sillyphides'

New! Marianne Humainette
appears on YouTube!

Marianne Humainette in 'A Short Solo' from 'Les Sillyphides'In their short careers, petite prima ballerina assoluta étoile Marianne Humainette and her partner, diminutive danseur noble George “Stumpy” Spelvin, have triumphed in many roles befitting their stature.

George 'Stumpy' Spelvin and Marianne Humainette in 'A Short Duet' from 'Les Sillyphides'George premiered the Valse in C-Sharp Minor from Les Sillyphides in 1998.  Marianne was guest artist in Dance of the Tumblers for City Summer Opera's 1999 production of the Kurt Weill / Ira Gershwin musical Lady in the Dark.  George achieved one step for a Marianne Humainette and George 'Stumpy' Spelvin in 'A Short Duet' from 'Les Sillyphides'small man, one grand jeté for mankind, in 2001: A Space Oddity,  at the Dance-Along Nutcracker in 2000. Marianne and George together premiered the Mazurka in A-Flat Major from Les Sillyphides at Summerfest in 2002. They have performed twice on the PuppetLOVE! festival in San Francisco. Marianne was a finalist in the 2007 Voice of Dance online dance video contest.

As well as being regular cast members of Run For I Wayan KatekYour Life!'s a dance company!, they have been guest artists with Oakland Ballet and Peninsula Ballet Theater.  Perhaps one day they will  choreograph and perform Mozart's Les Petits Riens.

They are happy to welcome Run For Your Life!’s newest company member, their Balinese cousin I Wayan Katek

View an MPEG (231 KB) of Marianne (left, below)
performing on the 2002 PuppetLOVE! Festival

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