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Please note: This is not the official website of OpenStage Repertory Theatre. These performances have already taken place, from February 16 to March 15, 2003. For news of upcoming performances of OpenStage Repertory Theater, please go to their website,


Dudley Brooks choreographs


Performed by OpenStage Repertory Theater

February 15th - March 16th, 2003

Friday/Saturday 8 PM, Sunday 2 PM & 7 PM
Goat Hall, 400 Missouri St., San Francisco

Adult General Admission - $20
Students, Seniors, and TBA Members - $15

Preferred Patron Tables for Four
with Complimentary Beverages & Appetizers - $100

Tickets are on sale now by telephone.
Please call toll-free 1-877-OPENSTAGE.

More information and online ticket sales at

TOMFOOLERY is a hilarious revue based on mathematics professor Tom Lehrer's satirical words and music written in the 1950s and 1960s and performed at countless sold-out concerts around the world.

You may (we hope) find this show offensive if you are a thin-skinned Boy Scout, bird lover, Southerner, inhabitant of a small town, Harvard graduate, folk singer, senior citizen, German rocket scientist, Marine, capitalist, hunter, Riverdance fan, math professor, movie star, politician (or movie star politician), anti-drug crusader, white person, black person, rich person, poor person, New Yorker, Puerto Rican, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, or Jew ... or if you love your mother. Or if you merely have good taste.  In the words of the opening song, "Be Prepared" ... to laugh!

Hardly politically correct, and still amazingly relevant after all these years, songs like Send The Marines, National Brotherhood Week, Poisoning Pigeons In The Park, The Masochism Tango, and The Vatican Rag will leave you in convulsions.  (No medical insurance provided.)