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NOTE:  This was for a class which took place in 1999.


Upchairs Downchairs
choreography by Dudley Brooks

Dance for Clowns
and Other Circus People

Elements of Classical, Traditional, and Modern Dance that are important for clowns, acrobats, and other circus artists.

Work on musicality, coordination, style, grace (and being gracefully ungraceful), and using your body to communicate to an audience.

"Technique is the ability to do what you want to do and to make the audience see what you want them to see."

This class complements SFSCA's Beginning Clown and Physical Comedy (Slapstick) classes, but can also be taken separately by people who are interested in comedic dance.



Eight Week Workshop   October 25-December 13
Mondays 7:00-9:00 pm     $240 / 8 wks

To enroll:
San Francisco School of Circus Arts   755 Frederick St  SF 94117
(415) 759-8123

For further information:
Dudley Brooks     (415) 863-6007

Dudley Brooks is Artistic Director of Run For Your Life!'s a dance company!,
Voices/SF, and Bay Area Youth Opera.

He performed with the Nikolais Dance Theater, San Francisco Opera Ballet,
and several ballet companies.

He is a member of the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee
and has served on the Board of Directors of SFSCA.

He studied Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, and Balinese Dance
with many famous teachers,
as well as Physical Comedy with Bill Irwin and at the Pickle Family Circus School,
and music with Steve Reich.

He has taught at many schools and universities around the world.