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Poster for Rose Gray's 'Ka-BOING!'

Art by Rose Gray.  Cartoon of Rose Gray by Larry Leker.  Photo of Dudley Brooks by Andrew Connan

[Liz Chalkley, Dudley Brooks, and Dudley Brooks in 'KA-BOING!' -- photo by Andy Connan]

Theater Artaud
San Francisco
April 30 - May 10, 1998
conceived and directed by Rose Gray

In 1998, Rose Gray, Larry Leker, and Slater Penney were nominated for the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee’s Outstanding Achievement in Visual  Design for their work in Ka-BOING!

Cartoons came alive as Run For Your Life!'s a dance company! bounced onto the San Francisco dance scene with Ka-BOING!, an adroit collaboration with Larry Leker, a professional animator, story-boarder, and art director with 20 years of experience working for Disney, Don Bluth, MGM, Warner Bros, Fox TV, and Dreamworks.

Inspired by the squareness of a 1950s stereo demonstation record, Ka-BOING!'s first act, Persuasive Percussion Suite (Odyssey in Plaid), is a hilariously painful voyage of discovery by that Late 20th Century archetype, The Nerd.

In the second act, Les Sillyphides, the familiar strains of Chopin's music accompanied the unfamiliar strainings of a menagerie of misbegotten morphs and mutants.

The characters from the dances continued their misadventures in the deft slideshow animations of Larry Leker. Mr. Leker was layout animator and story developer for Aladdin, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast, and has been storyboarder and art director for many other animated features, including A Goofy Movie, The Secret of Nimh, and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2.

For the audience's entertainment before the show and at intermission, our lobby display featured a Run For Your Life! Museum, and a Pat the Funny tactile environment exclusively for younger kids. Original art work by Rose Gray was raffled off at intermission.

 The audience was invited to discover their own Clown Within during a two-day Workshop in Physical Comedy, which featured a thorough warm-up, exercises in basic comic techniques and gags, developing your Clown Character, the use of props and costumes for inspiration, and excerpts from Run For Your Life!'s repertoire.

Accessibility is a very important priority with RFYL! We enjoy reaching out to people who don't ordinarily get to experience dance, and we were proud to offer free matinees for school groups.

Our excellent musical selections were heard through the state-of-the art digital sound system of  CINEPRO. CINEPRO brings audiophile-quality sound to high-end home audio systems and professional venues.